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Having Guests at your Beach House

08/02/2012 - Categoria: Interiores

You have spent years getting your beach house to just the right level of sophistication and relaxation and now it’s time to show it off. How do you do that effectively without cramming too many people into sleeping arrangements that they hate? The answers to that are surprisingly simple.

Twin over twin

Twin over twin

Set aside one room to be a guest room and fill it with twin over twin bunk beds. I am not talking about those awful beds that you spent time in as a kid at summer camp. Bunk beds have come a long way and you can get them in adult sizes. They are effective at increasing the sleeping space without using a lot of floor space. Plus, they are comfortable and the designs are a lot cooler than they used to be.

Don’t make anyone sleep on an old pullout couch. Those pullout couches are horrible uncomfortable and even the best still leave something to be desired. The mattresses are thin, you can feel the springs and they wreck your back. Instead of the pullouts I suggest getting futons or day beds. A high grade futon has some serious comfort factor and is usually a good couch too. I would suggest getting a removable pillow top to that you can increase the cushiness of the futon even more and reduce wear and tear on that mattress. Day beds are great for this too but are beds first that you need to convert into couches. The right cushions and throw pillows will do this nicely.

Buy lots of extra pillows and bedding. Everyone likes a different amount of neck and head support when they sleep. Make sure that you can accommodate everyone and not leave anyone wanting. Bunk beds don’t mean much if you are just sleeping on a mattress with no pillows or sheets.

These are some seriously simple suggestions but they will go a long way to making your guests more comfortable and keeping them interested in coming back next time you invite them.

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